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Contemporary Oxford home design with designer patio garden.

Architects serving Oxford

Holmes Architects are a RIBA Chartered practice that offer architectural design services to the Oxford area from our Lechlade studio.  Matthew Holmes worked as an architect in Oxford at Design Storey Architects and at Hudson Architecture Studio in Kidlington before establishing Holmes Architects in 2023.  We specialise in high quality home design of all scales, and we enjoy residential design that is thoughtfully detailed.  We have a trusted network of consultants and builders in and around Oxford, and we would be delighted to hear about your project.

Matthew is also a certified designer in a standard known as Passivhaus (Passive House).  Passive House is the 'gold standard' of energy efficient design that uses very little energy for space heating.  In fact, in a Passive House, the energy produced from a hairdryer is enough to heat your home!  Not every project needs to be a Passive House, but we believe there are lessons to be applied in more conventional residential design, many of which are no more costly than traditional solutions.

If you are considering a residential project, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be delighted to meet you at your property to discuss your design.

Radcliffe Camera Oxford

Radcliffe Camera Photo by DAVID ILIFF.

Licence: CC BY-SA 3.0

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